Wednesday, April 29, 2020

There’s always a spanner

The weather here has turned very wet again 
And up until now when the back concrete floor was put it in was in a room 

But now that room is gone and a new room is waiting to come into the world 
But there’s always a spanner in the works 

The floor outside is a tad higher than the one inside and it’s very flat. 
Great for a floor but water pooling outside has seeped inhere and 
Under our almost new carpet 

As you can see. The carpet I chose has a plastic backing. So that if there are any accidents the liquids don’t run into the underlay 
And then you get that constant seeping of Stains 

Well it worked in the reverse 
The underlay is saturated but the carpet is mainly fine. Just a little wet right at the edge 

So the carpet has been pulled up and the wet underlay has bee taken out 
Our carpet layer was rung and he will come and replace the underlay and relay the carpet 

We have put sandbags outside and my nephew has silicone the inside. 
So now hopefully that will keep the rain out 
What a palava. So today’s actual progress on the room was hampered not only by the weather. But by the added work that had to be done 
Hope your all faring better under isolation 
Stay well and safe 
See ya xxx


  1. Damn rain mucking up all your plans. Definitely has put a spanner in the works for you.

    Hope the rain has eased off for you, it has here. Bright sunshine again today, although cold.


    1. Is cold wet and miserable today. Unfortunately