Monday, April 13, 2020

Tree planting

The south side of the house is feeling very bare. 
We used to have one huge tree on that side of the house but last winter it came down and landed on our home 

Now we don’t want a repeat of that incident 
But we do want trees to look at and act as windbreakers for that cold southerly wind 

So we went to a local nursery that was open and purchased a variety of natives 
We got about twenty but we needed a few for the row of eucalyptus we planted around the workshop 
To fill gaps. 

We placed all the tree were we wanted them mixing the varieties so we can get a nice view out from the backyard and 
My windows 
As you can see were were being closely monitored by the livestock 

And here they all are planted and tree guards put around them all 
17 trees planted today 
Hubby has four to plant on the other side of the property 

Might do that tomorrow we are exhausted lol 

Luckily hubby has a petrol augur to dig the holes with. 
Would of taken much longer digging by hand 

It was lovely out in the sunshine 
People were walking and riding their bikes everyone said hello 
And one of our neighbours walked over to offer encouragement while keeping a safe distance 

I can’t wait until they all grow and flower and the birds all come to feast 
Hope your all keeping well and sane in isolation 
See ya xxx


  1. May those trees grow tall and strong, Angela. Your property is looking so green.

    1. Thank you yes it’s looking good right now

  2. Those trees are going to be a wonderful sight, and wind break. Good job done

    1. And hopefully will bring many native birds into our yard for me to watch