Thursday, April 16, 2020


Got up early this morning 
A painful body just wouldn’t let me rest 
So once hubby had gone to work I started making pita 

I use bought puff pastry so it’s quick and easy 
I made one using ricotta cottage cheese feta and eggs 

I then too half to my daughters house along with other yummy foods and some dvds 

When i got home took the other half to the boys 

Hubby had a big piece and asked was there more 

So I’ve made two more. 
Another with the cheeses and eggs 
And one with spinach feta and eggs 

Both are now cooked and ready to be devoured 
Should keep the boys happy for a little while 

On the way home I stopped at Bunnings and got more vegetable seedlings 

So I’ll be planting them this afternoon 

Hope your keeping well 
Stay safe 
See ya xxx 


  1. Your pies look great. I am surprised that your Bunnings has been open? The only shops open here are pharmacies, which only allow 1 person in at a time and supermarkets for essential shopping. Thats it. A few are allowed to sell essential goods online like winter clothing, heaters and winter bedding, but it all has to be approved by the government agencies. Everything else is shut.


  2. Lol I thought you were going to talk about a 'pain in the a' then realised food was the topic. That's all we think about these days:)

    Hope they don't close down B'unnings - I've got a list of things to get. We didn't want to chance going over Easter in case 'they' said it was not essentials and we copped a fine!

  3. Mmmm the best of greek cusisine, and hot out of the oven , irresistable. Looks wonderful

    1. It didn’t last long. There isn’t much left and I made three!

  4. These sound and look delicious Angela and obviously a big hit with everybody.

    Hope your body is feeling better and that you got your seedlings planted.


    1. Thank you.
      Finally planted those seedlings today

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