Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Ana had caught some bug at daycare and had to stay with grandma on Wednesday  
By Friday, when I had her again as I always do. She was much better but still not perfectly ok 

By Sunday night grandma was feeling under the weather and spend Sunday night 
In pain with stomach cramps and eventually throwing up 
Not great for a bad back 

Monday morning I slept in and stay on the couch most of the day 
Turns out her daddy got a full on case of the gastro and didn’t come to work

Her mummy went to work but had to come home early and is at home resting today 
How’s Ana going? 
Well she’s totally ok and was running around chatting and playing while her parents were laying on the floor with her 

Caring is sharing I guess 

I’m ok now. Even went swimming this morning 
But energy levels depleted rather quickly 
Another day of resting, mostly will do my good  


  1. Kids and their bugs. They do like to share. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Kids sure track bugs and toss them about.
    Wishing you speedy recovery.

  3. Its amazing how those gastro bugs go round and they can really wring you out. At work we all commented how free of all infections we've been these last two years. It will all start circulating again now we guess.

  4. That's why small children should always go to pre-school/kindergarten they say here. They pick up all the germs and create the necessary barrier so by the time they get to actual school they won't be missing school because of illness.
    Not so good if you're a parent or grandparent.
    Hope you're ok now

  5. Thanks ladies. I do feel better. Just need to get the energy levels back up again