Sunday, May 15, 2022

Farm life

This morning we tended to our stock 
Sounds way better than we fed the few animals we have lol 

Hubby bought some collars for the calves and they are now teathered 
Outside of the paddock to eat all the grass along the fence line. 
Then we can clean up what’s there and get it all nice again 

The chickens are really growing 
I let hubby feed them the last few days so this morning I noticed it. 

This is pendles when we bought him 
No way could you hold him in one hand now 

I’ve also planted two finger limes. 
They’re a tad small to go out so they will live here until they’re big enough 
To be planted out into the new orchard 

Hubby is still outside keeping an eye on the calves 
I’m inside resting 
It’s lovely outside so I’ll definitely be going out again and just wandering around looking at everything 
It’s nice to just admire all the hard work occasionally 


  1. I bet it's wonderful to walk around and admire all your homestead work. Bet you enjoy the sight of all your summer preserves too.
    Pat on the back

    1. There is still so Much to do. But it’s nice to see how far you have come

  2. We jad to go and look up finger limes...interesting. what do they taste like?

    1. I don’t know. I’ve never had them. But as they’re indigenous plants I thought why not. I guess you can you them instead of other limes

  3. Nothing nicer than admiring the results of hard work.

    1. It makes you feel good knowing how far you have come instead of looking at how much more there is to go

  4. Looks like your busy.
    Coffee is on and stay safe