Saturday, May 21, 2022

Election Day

Today we are having our federal election, so off I went nice and early to cast my vote 
Voting in Australia is mandatory for all over 18 

I thought by going early there wouldn’t be many there 
I was oh so wrong 
Still it wasn’t as bad as some places I was in and out in under an hour. 

My torturer, sue the masseurs, is turning 50 in a few weeks. So I stopped working on my mosaic 
And started working on this infinity scarf for her. 
I did use the mosaic technique, a simple pattern of single crochets and double crochet(us)  alternating every row 
I think it turned out nice and I’m sure she will like it. 
I make her a Christmas present every year and she has loved them all 

So now inbetween doing the washing I’ll go back to working on my blanket 
It’s pretty wide so it’s slow growing 
I don’t mind. I’m enjoying the process 

The sun is shining but it’s cold today 
So staying inside with the fire going. 
It was chilly waiting in line so I’m very glad it’s over and done now 
Until next time 


  1. Did you just wander up the road to vote? Daughter in law was meant to be manning the stall but hurt her knee and ended up in ED overnight. The infinity scarf is lovely. I must dig out the queen mosaic pattern and drop it off.

    1. I was going to walk but the cold made my back and hips ache so I drove
      You should come over early one day and visit Before you pick up the granddaughter

  2. Tuesday I vote in our state primary, our general election will be in November. Voting here isn't mandatory. One thing I was wondering about mandatory, do you have to complete your ballot.
    I been sort thinking about either get back to crochet a dish cloth or embroidery.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. You have to go and get your name ticked off. Once you get into the booth you can do whatever you want. I know some people just wrote rude things on the ballot paper folded it up and put it into the box. I do vote because I want to influence the outcome in my small way
      Dishcloths are a great way to get back into it.
      Lots of videos on you tube to try

  3. That blanket is looking fantabulous. Re mandatory voting - even if a few spoil their bote, there are probably a lot more who figure that once thry are there they might as well add their influence. Aus probably has one of the most truly representative goverments in the world. We have a whacky voying system in NZ and parliament is usually merely reflection of the preferences of less than 50% of the voting age population.

    1. Yes it is a bit more complicated than the first past the post system but it is way fairer. And harder to rig. I always vote I want to affect the outcome. I think if you purposely ruin your vote you can’t whinge later when the People in power are not doing their jobs

  4. I waited - enjoying the ‘warm’ sunshine on our protected deck - until about 3.30pm, then wandered the short distance up to the school. No line at all, walked in, name checked, marked my forms and was away, just like that. Was home 20 mins after leaving. Best experience ever. Didn’t see any of the neighbours (or smell the sausage sizzle) which is usually the highlight of morning voting
    Do the things you’re making look the same on both sides?

    1. That was a good idea only I can’t see the school from here.
      And if I put it off I’d probably get so into what I’m doing I’d forget!
      No it doesn’t. I’ll post a pic of the back for you