Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Spaghetti squash

Ate my first spaghetti squash and it was delicious 
Even hubby approved so I’ve saved some seeds and I’ll plant more plants next year. It’s a keto alternative to traditional roast veggies 

A friends daughter bought her daughter a pair of pants   She’s tall and thin so they were too big around the waist. 
She asked if I could  fix them. 
I ended up having to take the whole waist ban off as the elastic was sewn all the way round into the seam 

Once I’d put the band back I did the old fashioned thread the elastic with a safety pin trick 

I did swim yesterday. Had coffee with the girls. Shopped and did a quick vacuum around the living areas 
That did me in 
I couldn’t  wake up this morning so decided to just listen to my body and rested. 
Fingers crossed I’ll be back in the pool tomorrow 


  1. Nappy pins were great for threading elastic. I wish I'd kept a few.
    Good to see you listening to your body.

    1. I kinda have too. Or it just makes it way worse for me. Until I do listen.
      It’s definitely the boss

  2. Elastic sewn in - been there undone that... you've made a much better job that i managed.

  3. It comes from many years making tracksuit bottoms for my kids.
    When it was actually cheaper to make them than buy them

  4. My squash plants are just starting to grow. It will be a few weeks before I see any flowers I think. I've been reading up on self pollinating. I love my squash and didn't get any last year, just leaves and flowers. Those seeds will grow you a wheel barrow full next year. I always keep seeds

    1. I’m making a new garden bed especially for the pumpkins and squash to just go everywhere in. I plan on growing watermelon and cantaloupe but that’s next summer.