Saturday, May 14, 2022

The big four

Durning the the week Brianna turned four years old. 
I really truely don’t know where that Time has gone. 

Today she had her party and Ariel came to help her celebrate 

What a wonderful idea that was. Her parents asked her to choose a Disney princess and 
Brianna chose the little mermaid 

She was wonderful with all the kids. 
Face painting 
Singing songs 
Balloon animals. 
This chick did it all 

She kept all the kids engaged 
And all the adults just had to relax and watch 

It was a lovely day I’m sure Brianna will sleep very well tonight 
Happy birthday to our own princess 
Many you have many many more 


  1. What a wonderful birthday. She is young enough to believe it's all true.

    1. All the little ones were so excited.
      Oh to be young and carefree again

  2. What a wonderful idea. Ariel looks marvellous. Many happy returns Brianna

    1. In our day we just had MacDonalds parties
      They did all the catering, and kept the kids busy
      It was very easy and in the end we all went home