Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The week so far

I’ve been swimming two mornings in a row which I haven’t been doing lately 
As I’ve been under the weather.  
I’ve been pushing too hard and paying the price 

I spent yesterday and today finishing off the cardigan for Ana 
I’ve used little teddy buttons 
I hope her mum likes it 

When ever my kids were under the weather I’d make them Greek chicken soup 
So I made a big pot for me 

I’ve also got some beef sausages in the slow cooker with tomatoes, beans and basil from 
My summer garden 
I’ve also added a can of peas and corn so lots of veggies 

Today is sunny but with a cool wind 
Apparently we are getting storms tomorrow afternoon
I’ve spoken to hubby about finishing the job of covering the two wicking beds to protect 
The plants. 
Fingers crossed we Will get it done 


  1. iI know the chicken soup will be much better for you but I'd chose those sausages any day, especially with your own garden vegetables.
    The cardigan is gorgeous. Hope it is well received and worn.

    1. I had chicken soup for lunch and sausages for dinner.
      And it was all yummy

  2. That soup looks delicious. You whipped that cardigan up in no time.

    1. It’s a really simple all in one knit pattern.
      No thinking needed lol perfect for me