Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday again

Seems like the year is flying past 
I’ve yet to go back to knitting group after the school holidays as something always comes up on a Wednesday 

This week a dentist appointment 

I’ll endeavour to get back before the next school holidays fingers crossed 

I’m looking after Ana today, as I do every week. She is becoming quite independent. If she wants something she will let me know. She’s getting better and communicating her needs as well 

Currently she’s in bed for her afternoon nap. So I’ll working 
On an infinity scarf for the Christmas present pile

I’ll make a few changing colours and patterns.  
Then later in the year I’ll decide who gets which one

These are simple and I’m able to work on them while Ana is here 

It’s cold today and it’s supposed to get colder 
So the fire is well stocked with wood  
Leftovers for dinner tonight. An easy Friday 


  1. Sounds like a perfect sort of Friday in winter.

  2. I’ve got to come up with something later….we used all the leftovers yesterday:)

  3. We had a meal from the freezer only I took the wrong one out at first so we will have another one tonight! I should label my containers.
    This is the best time of year.

  4. I got teeth cleaning this Tues at the dentist.
    Coffee is on and stay safe