Sunday, May 1, 2022

A productive day

This morning we checked the weather and found that no rain was predicted 
So we decided to go out back and work on fencing off the new orchard/veggie garden 

We had kept the old pool fence and used the three sections to make the long side of the 
Orchard fence 

We also had the posts, I can’t remember what they had been used as, and used those 
To secure the panels 

We had to go and buy something to make up the front and gate 
Pool fence panels were very very expensive 

So we had to find something else. 
Timber is expensive as well as wire, plus that’s way more work so we didn’t want to go
That way 

I spotted these farm gates 
The big one was almost perfect as a fence panel, and the gate that matched was a good size 
We figured we could make up the difference by adding a few posts 

And it worked. For almost half the price it would of cost in pool panels 
I could of gone ever cheaper with the plane farm gates. But I wanted it to look a tad fancy 

Hubby had to go into the chook pen to screw  in the timber to close a gap 
As you can see the site managers were keeping an eye on proceedings 

I had given them some weeds I had pulled from the rose garden 
They loved it. So now if someone says my garden is full of weeds and needs attention,
I’ll just no. I’m growing food for my chickens. That’s a great excuse right there lol 

We put the grazing pots in and they were all over them 
Thank goodness I’ve got the wire  overnight the plants. 
Hope they will continue to grow 

So a very busy day has ticked another job off the list 
Hubby will go in with the rotatory hoe and dig it all up and level it all out 

Then I can start planting. 
The passion fruit will be planted along the fence

I’m thinking six fruit and citrus trees will go in once bare rooted trees are available 
And next summer lots of pumpkins, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn and maybe even squash will get planted 
Amongst the trees 

I’m getting very excited about next years summer crops 


  1. I'm trying to convince the hubby to turn the front garden over to fruit trees. I have always wanted an orchard and yours makes me green with envy!

    1. Hopefully the trees I plant flourish and produce lots for me

  2. You must have a lot of happy girls. Plenty of greens for them.
    Your gates are wonderful. The whole place looks great.

    1. Thank you. Yes the chickens get really excited when they see me coming now
      I’m the lady who brings the treats lol

  3. Love the gates! And the way you've used the pool fencing. Meg:)

    1. Thank you. It’s always nice to recycle and save some money

  4. It seems everything is expensive. Over my blog I was gripping about price of batteries.
    Coffee is on and stay safe