Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Finally done

Remember the seedlings from a few posts ago. 
Here are all the empty packets 
So many seedlings 

Had to repost a few of these. Those icy winds did a number on them 
It was very sad 

But now they are all happy again. 
They have new life in them 

I also planted into existing pots that had some plants in them. Just so I can use them up 
But in the end I still had heaps to plant out in the garden bed 
Did two sides in this one. And a side in the second one 
Let’s hope the rabbits don’t get them all 
I’m pooped. 
Now. To watch them all grow! 
See ya xx


  1. Cross fingers for lots of sunshine now.

  2. Well done Angela...hopefully some lovely springtime weather for growing :D)