Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Willy wagtail

This is a video of a willy wagtail 
They chirp and wiggle their bottoms 
They are very cute 
Only. Not when they nest on your washing lol 
See ya xxx


  1. oh they are cute little things, thanks for posting.......

  2. Thanks, Angela! It is adorable! I want one! So, this is the little bird building the goofy nests? It's very vocal, isn't it. It doesn't seem to have any fear either. The video is great!

    1. Yes these are the ones.
      Cheeky little buggers that they are. But good fun to watch

  3. I love willy wagtails and always used to love watching them tease the cats. They are so cheeky and cheery. I think that's the one big thing I miss about Australia - the birdlife. I even tear up if I am watching a tv program from Australia and I hear a magpie warble in the background.

  4. That's amazing footage of the Willy Wagtail Angela. They're intelligent little birds all right :D)