Sunday, October 15, 2017

A little piece of the past

Hubby built this many years ago for the kids. 
They had so much fun and it  even used to have a sand pit 
But over the years it has deteriorated and it was no longer safe 
So it had to go

And slowly the past was being dismantled 
And it was kinda sad
But now we have lots of room
My herb garden will go as well. I’ve transplanted the herbs and I’ll get a new garden box
Which will go in a better place and we will have lots of room to run and play 
Grandma can breath a sigh of relief now 
If it’s not there. It’s not an issue. 
Much better. Don’t you think?
See ya xxxx


  1. The kids are so old that their playground rotted, eh? That's sad, but, hey, good luck with those herbs.

  2. Not everything is not meant to stick around, sad. But a new adventure with your herbs.
    Coffee is on

  3. There is still room to put up a swing for the grandbabies, right?
    I believe I would have been a tad sad at seeing it come down.

  4. That was a wonderful playground. At least the grandkids will have lots of room to run and tumble.
    I love herb gardens. Hope yours does well in its new position