Saturday, October 28, 2017

A lovely afternoon

I was feeling a little blue. So hubby took me out for a drive. I wNted to be near the water and I was craving some fish and chips. 
During ng our drive we ended up at Arthur’s seat and it had a scenic ride
So we decided why not 

These are some of the views 

It didn’t last long. Just long enough for you to see everything and before you got panicked about being high up with only one hook holding you up. It was over 
So I wasn’t feel blue any more
Isn’t he a nice hubby?
We won’t tell him. He might get a big head lol
See ya xxx


  1. Aw yes indeed he's a lovely hubby :D)

  2. You have a smart man, knowing how to chase the blues away. Yep, he's a keeper!

  3. What a way to get rid of the blues! Great ride. Hope you got your fish n chips too!

    1. I certainly did. And they were very yummy