Sunday, October 1, 2017

Daylight savings time

Daylight savings has started on the east coast of Australia 
And as the day was kinda nice, mostly,
Hubby and I spent it outside doing much needed work 
Here I have my recycled flower gardens. They were totally overgrown with bulbs. 
One lot particularly had just gone nuts 
So we pulled it all out separated it all. Weeded and kept the best bulbs and replanted them with fresh potting mix. 

A friend who works in the nursery industry brough me lots of seedlings. 
As my herb garden is falling apart,  it's in an old crate, I planted the paresly and sweet basil in with the ballerina apples 
I also transplanted some of my oregano into the  third one 
Weeded the vegetables and planted more seedlings. Yup she gave me lots!
Capsicum, beetroot and a couple of truss tomatoes in this one 
Spring onions in this one and I've also planted bush beans and purple bush beans. Also three zucchini seeds. If they don't take I'll get some later. But I thought I'd take the chance. I had the seeds 
Beetroot in this one and chard. Some from before and more seedling 
Two more tomato plants 
Extra spring onions to take up all the space 

Here hubby is resting after a big day of work and being attacked by the fur family lol 

The chickens were too busy to play. Lots of bugs to catch 
So a huge dent made in the list of things to do. 
Still have seedlings but all that's left are the flowering plants. I'll replant all the pots that I lost due to severe frosts and extreme  cold 
So now we are resting. 
Getting on in years means we just can't do it all in one day anymore 
How has your weekend been 
See ya xxx


  1. What a busy day! Everything looks so nice and neat! Looks like you had nice weather to work in. Our daylight savings time doesn't switch for another month. I noticed that it was getting dark earlier and earlier and it dawned on me this evening just how dark dark can get around here. I hope you aren't stiff in the morning. ;-)

  2. Well you certainly did more than I did today lol.
    I'm starting to wilt now (8pm) think it might be an early night ofter Dr Blake :)
    Only - how many more months - till we get that hour back?? ~ Cathy

  3. Daylight savings already started? We turn to ugly winter-time at the end of October. I wished we could stay in "summer-time", much easier, esp for families with young kids.
    That´s a lot of (hopefully rewarding) work!
    I just got the herbs inside. And hope they survive...

  4. I just ask my hubby when our day light start and he said "don't you mean when will it end". So November 5th we set our clocks back.
    Coffee is on

  5. Oh well done Angela! I love your colourful garden bed boxes - makes for such a happy garden.
    Lots of lovely goodies growing. Your chookies are beautiful.
    Cheers and hope you both rested well after all that work :D) xx

  6. You achieved so much Angela; love the photos of your hubby with those beautiful dogs and your chooks!