Sunday, October 22, 2017

A big weekend

Mum and dad had to go to uncle joshs wedding. He married Aunty jade 
But I couldn’t go. I was too little so I stayed at grandmas house 
I helped her with all the farm animals 
And helped her keep the cats in line 
And we played with the babies 
I did get grandma up on both nights. But she loves me so much, she didn’t mind 
So now I’m at home and grandma misses me 
Luckily I’m visiting again on Tuesday. She would be lost without me 
See ya xxx


  1. Get some rest, Angela! Round 2 on Tuesday, haha. She sure is growing. I'm sure she keeps you hopping. :-)

    1. She sure does. And as soon as I sit. She’s grabbing my hand and making me go where she’s wants me lol

  2. She is so cute. I can see why youre seriously in love with her!

    Thinking of you just now. The house has been invaded by ants, Ants of various sizes. Rain is on the horizon. You are so right about the ants and rain. I hope we get some goods showers.

  3. So cute.. a really proud grandma too :D) xx