Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sad day

This little girl didn’t make it 
She must of been down longer than we though 
She had started eating. But her back legs lost circulation while she had been down and she couldn’t stand 
We even tried some physical therapy 
But she just didn’t get better 
She died quietly in hubby’s arms 
We are devastated 
The farmer life is one full of heartbreak 


  1. So very sad. You both did your best and she had the comfort of being held in her last moments xx

  2. Such a pity. At least she went out with those who loved her!

  3. Sorry to hear this news Angela.

    It is so sad when this happens. Take heart in the fact that she was shown love in her short time on earth and hubby was there with her when she passed.

    You did the best you could.

    Much love,