Sunday, October 29, 2017

A close call

Yesterday we noticed this little girl not looking well 
Hubby brought her into our small pen and hoped a nice warm night would help. 
It didn’t. She looked terrible this morning and her tummy was very bloated 
So we massaged and put her on this log. A little pressure and boy did her tummy start making some noise!
Once the shops open I’ll go get some yoghurt for her but after half an hour here she is looking so much better she has lifted her head and started chewing sticks 
So I guess she will stay with amara now so we can keep a. Eye on her. 
Now we need a name 
Any ideas?
See ya 


  1. You want a name for her?
    A real name?
    A cutie name?
    I'd call her Belly Ache ... ;-)

  2. Your farming is very hands n. Thank goodness you're practical and know what to do. Tummy on a log and yoghurt ...amazing.

    1. It’s what I do when I have a sore tummy lol

  3. Good for you Angela. You follow your instincts and to a good result... she's a lucky little lamb coming under your care :D) xx

    1. oh gosh, I'm sorry Angela, I didn't see your later post about this dear little lamb xx