Monday, October 30, 2017

Prep work

I was telling hubby yesterday, while we were packing all the things from our old van into the new one, that
I wanted to scotchguard the chairs 
That way they are easier to clean and as this van is primarily on off road camper. It’s going to get grimy with the Australian outback dust 
Well as luck would have it. Aldi had these for sale today! 
How’s that for manifestation excellence! 
So I got myself some cans and have given the cushions a first coat 
It says two light coats are better than one heavy coat 
So in a few hours I’ll go out and reapply
I did get a few spare cans. So I’ll be able to do it again in a few weeks. Just to make sure I’ve got it covered 
Gotta love Aldi! They always have what I want, pretty much when I want it lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Excellent idea! Something is up with our local Aldi, it's closed up! I hope it's just temporary.

  2. What on earth s scotch guard. How does it work????

    1. You spray it on fabric and it makes a barrier. So it’s eqsy to clean and less likely to stain. Brilliant stuff