Monday, October 2, 2017

Going potty

We finished planting all the vegetable seedlings yesterday. 
So today I started on the flowers 
My hanging baskets had succumbed to the frosts and extreme cold so this was the perfect way to freshen them up 

The Bougainville did not like the cold frosty weather 
So I pulled out the dead and mixed the potting mix with fresh stuff and replaced with the annuals 
Turing this 
Into this 
In a few short weeks we should have masses of pretty flowers 
I hope. 
It’s a very grey day out there. So after finishing out the back I moved everything to the front. 
I’ll rest a little while and start on the pots there. 
I did about ten pots out the back and have hardly put a dent in the amount of plants I have 
So whatever doesn’t fit into the pots will get put in the ground 
Let’s hope the rabbits have finished their excavation of my garden beds. 
But that’s another post 
See ya xxx


  1. Looks like you did a good job of it! I'll bet you'll have a lovely spring house shortly! Pretty colors always brighten up a place!

  2. Your baskets and pots will be great once the plants settle in and strart growing in their new environment.
    Yes it was a bit cool and cloudy this morning but now there are blue skies all over the place. Quite nice in fact :) ~ Cathy

  3. Love your hanging plants. I had a fern in a hanging basket once. Might try again.
    Looks like a great variety