Saturday, October 7, 2017

That will fix them......

I got myself some azaleas for my front gardens. But still waging that war with the rabbits. I thought 
Well I put them in pots and place those in the garden 
That way when they are bigger I an transplant them into the ground and put wire around them and they will still look good 
Well that’s what I hope. 
Fingers crossed. 
It’s lovely outside
I just want to stand in the sun and bake my bones 
Have a great weekend 
See ya xxx


  1. Pretty, pretty! Looking very nice. I have never had a rabbit problem, gophers, yes, moles, yes, no rabbits. :-)

    1. I guess we all have something. It’s suck a pain and can get very expensive

  2. Those warm sunny days in spring are just wonderful. You wish all the summer could be the same. No darn heatwaves!