Thursday, October 12, 2017

Silly me

With all this lovely sunshine 
I’ve been outside working away
And I’ve been back on my Fitbit so keeping up my steps 
And logging my food 
And ive been really really good 
But I’ve overdone 
They really should have a section for those with chronic illness 
So last night I was in agony 
Melody will be here this morning 
So I do have to get up and  moving 
But I think we will do some drawing and watching TV 
Granny is really not well enough for energetic playing 
Really must learn to pace myself 
How are you all doing?
See ya xxx


  1. It's hard to be slow after the winter we've had. Maybe Melody will be in a 'slow' mood today!

  2. I know over-doing isn't worth it, but sometimes we have no choice. I hope Melody is easy on you today.

  3. Take it easy and put your feet up and admire all of your good work.

  4. I agree Angela, its so hard to know when you reach that point of 'overdoing'.
    Take care, rest up... Plenty of lovely, gentle low-impact activities with your sweet Melody.