Thursday, November 4, 2021

Keto treats

Not being able to eat wheat anymore, causes too many digestive issues
I have gone the whole way and I’m following a keto diet 
It’s an easy way to eat. If it’s green and leafy you can probably eat it safely 

Along with proteins it fits me and my lifestyle easily 
But I do miss treats now and again 
Although you can now buy keto treats I still would love to bake and enjoy my own 

With this in mind I hit pinterest and found some recipes 
I’m not sure from where I found this recipe but I had written it down in the hopes
Of making it to enjoy 

So I assembled the ingredients 
And got to cooking 

I did have to buy some donut trays 
It was during lockdown that I had this idea so Amazon was a quick and easy way to obtain them 

After cooking in the oven I had to leave them cool 
Then make the glaze to dip the cool donuts into it while hot 

And now all that’s left is to enjoy 

They’re supposed to taste like krispy kream donuts 
I wouldn’t know. But I do know they are keto friendly 
And because you use monk fruit instead of sugar they are sweet without spiking your 
Sugar levels 

I feel so decadent eating them 
They’re really nice 

If your interested just search keto donuts on Pinterest and see all the recipes there 
Give them a go

See ya 


  1. I'm trying to limit treat, to one day a week. Which is Tuesday for me. But last week or so it been hard.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Replies
    1. And they tasted good too. The recipe is a keeper