Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A busy day

This morning I was at the pool before six. Got out at eight went and had coffee and came home to prepare for a busy day 

My friend Dianne arrived shortly after and we spent the day decorating two Christmas trees and the archway between the lounge and dining rooms

I so appreciate her help. I wouldn’t of been able to achieve all this in one day 

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on the garland around the door to my craft room. I’ve put up the green garland so I only have to decorate it. 

Christmas is coming along nicely 
I’ll do an inventory check and see how many presents I have sorted and how many I have to go

How’s your Christmas preparations going?

See ya 


  1. I thought the Xmas decorating was going to take place slowly! You're up and running. That decor is magnificent.
    4 hands with good taste

    1. Still a fair bit to do.
      I’m resting the next few days

  2. Wow you could do a christmas shop display. That really makes you place look spectacular.

    1. Thanks. My friends house puts mine to shame. She’s very good and likes to help us all be as Christmassy as she is