Monday, November 15, 2021

Christmas shopping

Family gifts complete 
A mix of bought gifts, hand made gifts and cash in cards 

Swim friends gifts are made ready to be put into gift bags 

Knitting group friends gifts also made. Ready to be placed in gift bags 

All gift bags are recycled from previous years so no expense there and great for the environment 

Yup. Got. Handle on the presents nice and early 
I think I can relax now 

Unless I’ve forgotten someone?

It’s cool though I usually stamp up boxes of chocolate for that emergency 

Which I will do close to the day. 

How’s your Christmas prep going?

See ya 


  1. My middle son will be down from NSW so we will see him and his family which is great. We don't get to do Christmas Day with family any more as they all go to their wives' families. This year Christmas will be on 30th at our eldest son's house - hopefully all three boys and their families will be there. On Christmas day we will go to a friend and drink too much in her back garden. Her daughter's partner used to be a chef so the food is always good. I really miss not having my boys with me on Christmas Day but things change and so must I. Hence my grinch comment the other day!

  2. Heavens - not started. Well the Cake is made and maturing in its brandy, Xmas pudding is made, fruit mince is mature and ready to be made into pies..... that's it. Presents for Mr B's daughters were resolved by using up a handful of vouchers for a big clothing store that I was given last Christmas and could not think of anything I needed to buy. Fortunately they have a perfume department so we used those just before they expired. However, decorations, wrapping, cards, ... all still waiting to be addressed. Oh to be as organized as you are. Taking a leaf from your book we do have gift bags ready for re-use; my frugal upbringing simply won't let me throw any decent bag away!

  3. Omg. You've got all your presents done! I haven't even started thinking about things like that. Have no idea.
    Good for you

  4. Congratulations on getting it done! I so respect you for creating much of what you give. As for your question about your readers' preparations, Peggy and I don't buy gifts for one another or for anyone else, so this saves us a lot of hassle and decision-making. We do love our decorations, our Christmas music, and our Christmas dinner, and we also send out 20-30 cards, but to us, these things are a lot more enjoyable without the shopping.