Saturday, November 20, 2021


26 years ago I took my baby girl to her first, of many, dancing concerts 
She started at three but turned four during the year 

Today we saw her daughters dancing concert and it brought back so many memories 

Little Brianna is three and Melody is five 
Both in the same class and both were so excited 

As I sat in the audience with her other grandparents and her parents 
I couldn’t help but remember their mother and how little she was 
It was quite strange to be watching a concert with her in the audience 

I suddenly felt old but oh so happy 
This is what life is about I guess 

Now it’s her turn to run around and be busy with her children’s schedule 
While I get to just come on the important days and enjoy

I can deal with that 
Stay safe


  1. Glad it brought you "joy"
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Oh what sweety pies. Love the photo of them with their tutus and boots.
    I went to ballet for a few years. My poor mum tried to turn me into a sweet little girl. I was a clumsy oaf.
    I love watching my grandkids dance.
    Happy happy happy

  3. I love watching the littlies dance. When my granddaughter was 3 she took over the stage and did her own thing much to the amusement of everyone. She is 5 now and I can't wait to see her end of year concert as we missed last year. Her father danced when he was little - it obviously runs in the family.