Sunday, November 7, 2021

Christmas is coming

it’s six weeks till Christmas 
I’ve made a start this took me the weekend with hubby’s help. 
I need to go slow and I need to take frequent rests. 

This is why I’m starting early 
I’ll have a few days break and then continue 
A friend is coming this week to help decorate the trees and the archways 

It is looking very festive even without all the baubles 
How early do you put up your Christmas decorations?

After the last few years. I really need to just feel normal again 

See ya 


  1. 2 trees, I have enough ornaments to also do 2 trees.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Wow that probably is a bit early for us. Some years, if we start on Christmas Eve we have done well. We might manage a couple of weeks ahead this year as Mr B had a family member coming out to Xmas with us so we will want the place to look a bit lively when they arrive the week before Xmas.

  3. Ooh, I know there are extenuating circumstances for you to begin now but I’d be fed with having to keep it ‘just so’ if I arranged it this early. It’ll look good when it’s finished- don’t forget to show us piccies before the family arrives.

  4. No no no ,😂 . I know you have to take it slow but it's too early for me. My daughter has started decorating too and a friend in Athens. I did order some Xmas crackers. That's enough till December for me. Though I should start thinking of presents .
    Your decorations every year are magnificent though.

  5. Thanks all. Yes it is a tad eqrly even for me.
    But if I’m going to out the effort in I want to admire it for a while, and have a rest,
    Before having to take it down again

  6. You have a wonderful view out that window! I'd be gazing out instead of getting my work done!
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