Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunny weekend

The weekend was lovely and sunny and best of all no rain 
So hubby and I were very busy. Cleaned up the vegetable garden 
And replaced the poor little seedlings that drowned from all the rain 

Hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and they take off 

We cleaned all the outdoor furniture 
Cleaned the spiderwebs and swept the floor 

I’ve started the Christmas decorating outside

Weeded some flowerbeds whipper sipped and mowed 
Starting to look good again 

I added solar lights on the plastic hanger snowflakes and stars and attached them to fences 

I think they’re effective.  
Not too bad for very little monetary outlay 
I’m happy with them 

So now we are relaxing in front of the telly
We will need to tackle the remaining garden beds in the next week or so 
All this rain has made the weeds grow as if they’re on steroids 
We need it done before the festive season gets going 

Wish us luck 
See ya 


  1. Those crafted stars are brilliant. Darn I almost wish I'd given them a try myself.
    Summertime is coming. Woohoo. Your outdoor area is mighty good

  2. I haven't start hardly anything to do with Christmas.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. I love your stars. I have found all the rain has given my roses terrible black spot. Hopefully I can treat them before the next rains.
    My grand daughter is going to your local primary school next year. It looks fabulous.

    1. We’re practically neighbours
      Hopefully the rains have eased now