Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rest day

Yesterday I had my therapeutic massage and oh my. It was not a pleasant experience 
I was very broken and I needed lots of work to get me back into alignment. 

I had done something to my knee while decorating the Christmas trees so my sciatica was 
Really painful  

But my neck was a mess as well
This morning I woke up with a headache from all the manipulation on my neck and shoulders
I decided to not swim but to just rest and hopefully the pain would subside during the day 

A few hours of rest and some pain killers I started to feel better so I decide I would learn a new crochet technique 
I got onto YouTube and found this. 
It’s simple but looks affective 

This is the link if you decide you might like to try it. 

Once I got the idea I continued on my own and started to listen to this book 
I’ve got the book on kindle. But I can’t reqd and crochet. So I got it on audible 

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get up and go swimming again 
I’m the meantime I’ll keep crafting and listening 
Keeping me busy and my mind off my pain levels 

Stay safe 
See ya 


  1. Hope that when the pain wears off you notice a big positive difference. You obviously know your masseurs well and have faith in her hands.
    Good on you for learning a new stitch. About time I tried something new. Good for the brain

  2. So sorry to hear your pain levels are up. I find craft a great distraction from physical and mental pain. Hope you feel better soon. I learned to crochet in 2019 but haven't hooked for a few months now. Knitting and weaving have taken over.