Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A lovely day

Today my girls came to help decorate the little Christmas tree that’s theirs 
We do it every year, but this year my friend Kym visited with her granddaughter
So she helped too 

The girls have never met but got on so nicely 
The only did work ur half the baubles before going off to play in the toy room 

After they left my girls wanted to go outside and play with the fairy gardens 
They desperately want a cat, but mum and dad say no. Their dog is enough
So they love playing with grandmas kitty cats 

Melody has always loved animals. She and agatha bonded while she was very little 

Meanwhile after giving agatha all the cuddles Brianna found a slater bug 
And was bringing it to me to see 

She was so excited 

After everyone left I flopped on the couch 
I was exhausted 
Not that I had to do much but their energy and enthusiasm is so abundant 
And mine isn’t lol 

But I loved the day 
A simple and truely blessed day 

See ya 


  1. I can imagine what fun those girls had. What a great idea to have a tree of their own.
    Sounds like an awesome day. Hope you've recovered

  2. Looks so fun.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Kids are delightful but oh, so exhausting. I swear they drain our energy to top theirs up! It's a happy exhaustion, though.