Saturday, November 13, 2021


We have had lots and lots of rain over the last few weeks 
Even though spring is usually our wettest season, this level of rain is something else 
My driveway is flooding and the green isn’t just weeds. The stones are growing moss! 

The side of the house is Turing into a creek
Off the road, down the drive and into the back 

The back paddock you can see the pump that hubby used to pump water out of the back pond into the 
Drains to keep it from overflowing and coming back into the back yard 

Behind the pump is the neighbours paddocks their poor horses must be growing gills by now

Our sheep have been penned in the driest paddock to try and prevent too much damage to the ground 
And to them as well. 
With all the rabbits around the holes are totally covered in water and if they Stand in one they will definitely hurt themselves 

More rain is forecast for the rest of the week 
Fingers crossed it will soon end and we can dry out! 

All across the country we are getting a drenching 
The driest of places are having rivers flow again 

It’s good really. But here at home not so much 

How’s the weather at your place? 
See ya 


  1. Rain off and on, at home state.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Do you get snow?
      At least your heading into winter. We are supposed to be finally getting nice weather now

  2. We've had hot glorious days during the week and rain all weekend. I can't remember it being this nice in November. For NZ I don't usually need to pull the shorts out until January. Maybe we've got your weather and you've got ours.


    1. I’m sure the sun will shine one day soon
      At least I hope so anyway

  3. It looks like Spring time in UK. Our allotment looked like that a few times over the years. It's a pity we couldn't have grown rice in it.

  4. If the stones are growing moss then you have had far more than your share of wetness. That's an awful lot of 'puddles' you have. But you're like us, the sun has got to shine again soon. And the weeds will grow into trees lol

    1. I dread the weeding that we will need to do

  5. Hi neighbour (Langwarrin). Found you through DCR. I love your neck of the woods. It would be nice if the rain could let up enough for the ground to dry out! Why do weeds grow faster than anything else? My rose garden is blooming and so is everything else that shouldn't be there.