Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Australia Day 2022

Happy. Birthday to our nation
I know this day has become political and I totally understand the reasons
But I’m going to just be proud to be an Aussie today 
This country has been wonderful to me. It has provided me with a home, helped educate me,
Helped keep me healthy and safe 

No country is perfect, and we have history that needs addressing and issues that need attention right now 
But there is nowhere else in the world I’d want to call home 


  1. We should regard our homes with that kind of balance of gratitude and reality for things we could make better for our next generations so that our home is good for them to. Happy Australia Day.

  2. Happy Australia Day. The little bits I've seen of it are beautiful indeed. Some of my family live there. They have a wonderful lifestyle. It's a great country to call home

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