Saturday, January 15, 2022

And more

Hubby has spent all day making these wicking beds for me 
He was really impressed with the small blue ones he’s decided to go bigger 
As that’s obviously better lol 

In the bed that is inside the hot house,  I’ve planted spaghetti squash 
The theory being I can use the shelves to help support the fruit 

The other bed has dwarf sweet corn 

In the winter we can pull the cover over and grow more food 

Also I’ll be able to do early plantings of tomatoes and cucumbers next spring 

In the small round pots I’ve planted some okra 
It gets really hot there, when the sun is shining, and apparently they like it 

Fingers crossed they take. 
I’ve also sprinkled the last of the basil, and oregano seeds. 
I’ll harvest the basil and make pesto to use during winter 
And I’ll dry the oregano in my food dehydrator and fill a jar to keep in the pantry 

Hopefully they will germinate and grow big and strong 
I’ll be able to share the produce with my kids and we can all eat fresh and healthy 

See ya 


  1. You're very well organised. Hope everything grows like mad and you can share it and enjoy the fresh vege

    1. It is getting on in the season but I have a feeling summer will drag on so fingers crossed

  2. I am envious of your vege plantings. You should set up a market stall. Next to the primary school so I can buy stuff when Sally starts!

    1. Don’t know about a market stall. But if we meet up at the school I can share some of what I had harvested that day. Gladly