Monday, January 17, 2022

What a palaver

This is the pattern of the mosaic I’m making. 
I decided I wanted to buy it so I can make it even if I don’t have internet 

So I go on the site, as listed in the description box on the you tube
Click the English flag to get the correct language for me 
Order the pattern and then pay for it. 

Check my emails and guess what 
It in Spanish. Which would be lovely except I have no idea what it says and I’m rubbish 
At following graphs. 

Send off an email but even after a few days. And  as I’m typing this 
No response 

So I put an SOS out on Facebook 
And my lovely friend, who I’ve known since primary school, said her hubby speaks, reads and writes Spanish 
So I send her the pattern he does it all on his computer and sends it back to me 
I don’t have a computer at home. Just my iPad so I couldn’t translate the whole thing. It’s eleven pages 
So while waiting for the girls this morning to finish dressing in the pool change room I sent the pattern to hubby and he printed it for 
Me at the office 

Sometimes it’s just a drama doing the littlest things isn’t it. 
But I now have the blessed pattern 
And once I’ve finished the piece I’m working on, hopefully the yarn I ordered will be here and I can start on the Afghan 

What an adventure I’ve had lol 
See ya 


  1. You are certainly resourceful. If you want to try the Queen afghan at any stage I have the pattern. It is a beautiful mosaic.

    1. Ohhh what a perfect reason to meet up at the yarn store

  2. I wish I learn to speak anther language, other than English.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I can speak Greek. But I can’t read or write it.

  3. What a palaver. You should have at least got a response from the site. If you can choose your language then you have every reason to expect the Pattern will be in that language
    Happy crocheting

    1. Well it’s all done now. So no harm
      If I had to I would of gone to the workshop and kicked then off the computer to Do it myself
      Only I bet it would of taken me heaps longer lol

  4. LOL! I am glad you found someone that can translate!

    1. It pays to have friends who come from all corners of the world