Thursday, January 13, 2022

Nobody’s perfect

Today I continued working on the Athena pattern 
Now because you all thing I’m so good. I’m making a confession 
The current pattern I’m working on. Is wrong 
The last repeat has been done the wrong way around. I didn’t realise until the pattern was completely as the actual stitch count is fine 
I’ve flipped the pattern but the numbers are still the same. If you understand what I’m saying. 

It doesn’t matter. No one will even notice it really and if they do well. I’ll invite them to do it and show me their final product 

It’s a practice piece and all imperfections are kept. 
So now you can all proceed and try it because I’m so bad your going to be much better. Lol 

I have had no ill affects from my booster 
Other than a slight headache last night which was cured by taking paracetamol 

It’s very warm again today 
Hubby is watering the veggies 
And I’m inside as it’s way too hot for me out there. 

Hope your all well 
See ya 


  1. Darned if I can see it. But of course you can. It's definitely a keeper . Lovely piece.
    Hard to imagine a heatwave just now. I do prefer our 'freezing' temps. Freezing to me 😄 I just put your n woolly socks and an extra jacket.

    1. Yes I prefer it cooler rather than hotter. Love the fire and cuddles undoes a blanket and hot drinks
      Although the body prefers it a nice midrange heat. That’s were the pain is less

  2. I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to be looking for so it looks okay to me. It really is a nice soft mix of blue & white/cream.
    Yes today was a warm one - we’ve some rain on the way which might help clear the humidity. Had my jab at 8am and so far all is well - Didn’t feel a thing, my arm isn’t even tender. Will see how I feel in the morning when I’m usually on my way to the pool.
    Sorry Linda, don’t want freezing- that’ll come soon enough 😊

    1. Then you'll be off to warmer climes☺️☺️ hopefully

    2. They keep predicting rain but it keeps missing us
      So I have to keep watering

  3. That looks lovely. What will your next project be? What yarn did you use?

    1. It’s just acrylic I’m hoping to make a big Afghan using this pattern