Sunday, January 16, 2022

Just a couple more

Last two beds, for now?
This has more tomatoes, leeks and I’ve sprinkled some radish seeds 

This is the sweet chilly and capsicum bed. 
I’ll cut up some of the chillies and cook them with the tomatoes zucchini and eggplants 
Then freeze for use in winter stews and casseroles 

Of course we will enjoy some fresh and hubby will cook the rest on the BBQ. We peal them and enjoy or freeze for later use 

The reason hubby has been a sicking bed convert 
See these eggplants how big and lush they look 

They were planted the same time as this one and a few others in the traditional raised garden beds 
They have doubled in size since being planted but the ones in the blue barrels have grown like their on steroids 

Hopeful we will be harvesting the first of the crops soon and get continual cropping over the summer months 
I’ll process and preserve as much as I can for the winter months 
And share both fresh and preserved produce with my family

Hubby and I are both exhausted. It’s been a huge couple of days 
Now we can sit back and enjoy the view of a job well done 

See ya 


  1. Sit back and watch them grow now ftoo ftoo ftoo. Interesting that you've got leeks growing. They're a winter vegetable here. And we have similar climates . My leeks this year are very spindly. Probably the soil isn't the greatest. I'll be interested to see yours. Maybe they are different variety

    1. I usually grow them in winter. But I thought I’d give them a go.
      Even if they don’t grow huge I can use them like onions I guess

  2. I need to investigate wicking beds. My parents used to use a method called no dig gardens. I wonder if it's similar. Unfortunately our back garden doesn't get a lot of sun. Our front faces north/north west. I guess I could become "that" neighbour with veges in the front!!

    1. No dig is different again. I love that concept. The less you disturb the soil. The less weeds
      Wicking is different again And in our climate right now. It seems to be a good one to use