Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Something new

I have been looking at peoples crochet work on a Facebook page and it looks amazing 
The technique is called mosaic crochet 
So I did some research and found a YouTube tutorial for one called 
“ Athena “

So of course I had to try that one first 

Here it is so far 

And of course it has to be in blue and white 

I’m only making a small practice piece that I will turn into a cushion 

I’ve ordered some blue and some white yarn 
Funnily enought I have lots of pinks but not so much blue yarn 

I’ll make the Afghan after I’ve finished this. 
It’s not hard. You just have to make sure you follow the pattern precisely 

I’ve got all the videos saved in my account so I can make the Afghan later on when the weather cools off 

I’m going to try and learn new things this year 
I’ve also got a new patchwork top in mind and I’ve bought the fabric for it 
But that’s another post lol 

Had our booster shots today 
So far I’m ok. Hopefully I won’t get too many after affects 


  1. Of course you had to try Athena 🙂 and looks as though you've got it, by Jove!
    No blue? Have to get your kids onto that 🤣
    I should be trying something new too this year. I've got stuck on those 'do it with your eyes closed' granny squares. Don't think I'll try Athena just yet but you've given me the nudge to be a little adventurous

    1. It looks really hard. But it’s definitely not.
      It’s going to make a thick blanket. Nice and warm

  2. Greek key design - of course it had to be. Looks like you have cracked it, but you do have a good eye for the details

    1. Just following the YouTube.
      It’s way easier than I thought.

  3. That’s very realistic…and very greek looking. Could be used for a table runner as well.
    My booster is booked for 8am tomorrow morning- just hope I wake in time. Restless nights mean when I do get back to sleep I oversleep. Didn’t wake until 8.30 the other morning.

    1. I haven’t been sleeping either.
      I woke up well. I don’t even have a sore arm
      The table runner is a great idea. Might make one for my parents for Christmas

  4. Mine put me on the couch the next day for 8 hours

    1. I’ve woken up fine.
      I went swimming this morning and my arm didn’t even hurt in the pool

  5. Mosaic crochet is beautiful. It's very popular in our group. I have a pattern but haven't tried it yet.

  6. I remember they telling me when I was young. Older people can't learn new things. I love learning new things.
    Coffee is on and stay safe