Sunday, January 23, 2022

Enjoying the garden

The back yard is looking lovely. 
The weed growth has slowed down and we are mulching everything and everywhere 
The first pic is along the fence. We have mulched half of that garden and the second half will be done over the next few days 

The nasturtiums are coming back. Unfortunately so are some weeds. We have couch grass and there is nothing we can do to stop it spreading so we just
Weed as often as we can and accept it as part of having gardens 
Although it does make a beautiful thick lawn 

The dwarf citrus are doing ok the last pot has a dead plant. I’m not sure what it was. Some sort of Berry bush so I’ll 
Pull it out and replace with something not sure just yet 

The sunflowers are growing everyday 
Soon they will be spectacular. Fingers crossed 

The cucumbers are growing well 
And we have flowers and little baby cucs 

I’ve never had eggplant get this big. I’m very excited 

Lots of pumpkin plants growing well. They too have flowers 

Heaps of green tomatoes 
Some are just turning in colour so I’ll be having fresh from the garden tomatoes very very soon 

A shot of the baby cucumbers 

The tamarillo has fruit and more flowers  

My radish seeds have sprouted 
And the tomatoes are growing well 

My one okra that has germinated. 
I do hope more will follow 

The spaghetti squash is going well unfortunately the corn has yet to appear. But we live in hope 

Having a drink and admiring the view 

My life might not be exciting for everyone. But knowing I am growing not only plants for beauty and for the bees 
But for me to be able to feed not only myself but my children makes me very happy indeed 

And the very best part is the sitting and admiring all your hard work come to fruition 
See ya 


  1. There you go again! How come you've got nasturtiums?! Mine just shrivel up and die in midsummer and reappear again midwinter. My Nd you, it could have something to do with the watering. Still... We have almost the same climate.
    Thank goodness we don't have couch grass. Hope those sunflowers flourish.
    Yehhhh, sit back and enjoy!!!

    1. They are under trees so they only get dappled sun i the afternoon and mulch mulch mulch
      Keeps them from drying out

  2. Love your beautiful garden. want be long now until we plant some thing if it's just in pots Tommy getting to where he can't work at all with his lungs{COPD}. I turned 80 but am stil going strong so I may plant some tomato's, Nothing taste as good as what you grow yourself

    1. It’s hard when you have a chronic issues.
      I highly recommend growing in big pots saves the back and if you can get some wicking beds made, especially like the little blues ones I have. It’s even easier to grow things as you don’t have to water daily

  3. Your garden looks fabulous. Nothing nicer than home grown radishes. I might plant some where the dogs can't get them!

    1. The seed packet was really old. But they still germinated.
      Definitely not going to take notice of use by dates on seeds anymore

  4. Your garden sound lovely, and will watch it grow.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Thank you. I hope it’s as production as it promises

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