Sunday, January 9, 2022

Garden progress

The weather has been warm, wet and muggy 
Perfect growing conditions 

The veggies have taken off. 
The silverbeet is bolting to seed so I just keep cutting it back
There beetroots, carrots and cucumbers are growing nicely 
The capsicum has survived the downpour and hopefully will kick off too 

The eggplants in the wicking beds are all thriving and so are the tomatoes 
I pick three red cherrie tomatoes and shared them with hubby. 
They were sweet and full of flavour 

There are also bush beans and I hope to grow enough to eat and freeze for winter use 

The zucchini pant is growing massive so I think I’ll trim off the lower larger leaves 
Hubby brought in three zucchini last night so I’ll cook those up today for dinner 

There were excess seedlings in the punnets and as you know I don’t waste anything 
So more beans were planted in the black pot. The bigger plant is definitely zucchini 

This second big black pot has pumpkins and so does the white pot I put that metal stand over it as I nearly toppled it over while watering 
So it’s to stop me killing the plants  the grapes are also growing well 

So many green tomatoes 
I’ll be able to enjoy lots fresh and freeze for winter stews as well 

The front garden was weeded and mulched   I started the process but hubby had to take over. I can’t bend under the trees 
Unfortunately while weeding the nasturtiums, a heap of plant came up with them. 

It’s fine. There are lots of seeds so it will come back. 

I found an old packet of sunflower seeds and thought why not. 
So I scattered them in the pot mulched and watered them. 
And look. Baby sunflowers 

So I’ve now definitely decided use by dates are a scam to make you buy more lol 

Unfortunately the excellent growing conditions have also meant that weeds and lawns grow too 
So I did some weeding of the beds and hubby is busy mowing while the rains have eased off 

More and more they are predicting shortages in the supermarkets due to supply issues and staffing levels 
So I’m even more glad I planted my veggie gardens 

Fresh food from he back yard is always the best 
Plus I won’t be buying as much from the supermarkets so leaving it for those that need it more 
It’s a good system 

See ya 


  1. You sure have a good garden. Nothing beats growing your own food.

  2. I have missed the boat this year for veges. Next season for sure. Your garden looks wonderful. Hubby mowed our lawns yesterday. Fresh cut grass and roses - the smell of summer.

    1. I don’t think you have. I think the summer will last longer than usual
      Otherwise there’s always the winter crops

    2. I have to find somewhere the dogs can't get. Even with raised beds the shepherds will jump and dig!

  3. You have a great garden. You are going to have loads of healthy summer meals.
    Is that an olive tree I spy?
    I love sunflowers. Hope they all grow tall and strong and colourful

    1. Yes I’m a good Greek girl I have the required olive tree in the back yard lol
      Pretty flowers are good for the soul

  4. Ah Linda beat me to it - an olive tree? Eating or oil? Or just for some shade? The tomatoes are enviable. I used to get them to that stage in UK and lose the lot to blight.

    1. It’s been so humid I’m worried about mildew
      I’ll just keep an eye on them fingers crossed

  5. Cold here so I love looking at your garden. I think we will at least plant some tomato's this year