Monday, June 13, 2022

Post #2

Soup cooking. Chicken,veggies and noodles 
Soda bread in oven 

Here you can see just how much rain we have had 
This is the path to the chickens 

It was wet and muddy in here so hubby added lots of hay 
Got to keep the chickens feet dry and clean 

And here are lettuces growing. I just chucked in some seeds 
and they have sprouted. It’s in one of the covered wicking beds. I’ll harvest leaves as I need them

Soup and bread was delicious 
There is enough for the boys lunch tomorrow as well  

Bag is packed ready for swimming tomorrow 
Have a great week 


  1. Gotta look after those pampered girls. You've had a lot of rain!
    I made a loaf yesterday. It got a bit over coloured on top which added even more taste. It disappeared by the evening...and I have been trying not to eat bread. Couldn't resist

    1. I’m the same. But I’ve been feeling really under the weather so hang the diet I say. Eat what makes you feel good.

  2. Never made soda bread.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have yeast.
      I like it as there is no wait time for rising so nice and quick