Monday, June 27, 2022

We begin

Today hubby took me to get some paints so I can practice at home 
I was only going to get some basic colours and use the outside table to paint on. 
He thought that was a bad idea and bought me am easel. 
The one he first looked at was very expensive. I didn’t want to spend lots on one 
And then decide I’m never going to get this  painting thing so I picked a cheaper one 

It’s perfectly ok for me right now 
I’ve set up an area just outside my craft room 

I even found my old paint holder that. Used when I did folk art many many moons ago. 

So I started by playing with colours 
Mixing and blending 

And then I tried waves. I’m having trouble with waves 
That’s what I’m trying to practice 
Waves and clouds 

While waiting for paint to dry between layers 
I made these sausage rolls 
I’ve had one for lunch and we will have some for dinner 
There should be some left for hubby’s lunch tomorrow 

I’ve stopped painting for today 
I’m back inside, listening to an audiobook and about to pick up my crochet hook 
I’m much more confident working with yarn lol 


  1. Nothing like pucking difficult stuff to start on. Lors of very accomplished artists can't manage good sea waves. It looks good in the photo - no mistaking the scene.

    1. Well you know me. Go hard or go home lol
      Thank you

  2. Your colours are beautiful and you are certainly giving this painting business a crack, with an open mind and open heart! You go girl!

    1. Thank you. I’m nothing if not persistent

  3. Those waves are certainly rolling in!

    1. I kept hearing that line from Seinfeld. The sea was angry that day my friend lol

  4. Well you can't mistake that for anything other than sea and sky. Well done! The sausage rolls look delicious. Do you make your own pastry?