Monday, June 20, 2022

From the garden

Today I harvested one mini cabbage, some celery, two leeks, some perpetual spinach and one radish that was missed  

I’ve put the cabbage, half the celery and one leek in the fridge for tomorrow 

The rest was made into chicken and rice 

It smells yummy 
I bought a 2 kilo bag of chicken drumsticks and I’ve also cooked Greek chicken soup. 
Some of which I’ll freeze for when I’m too tired to cook

Besides the rice, which I had in my staples, the lemon and eggs were given to me by friends  so only the chicken was bought. It cost $7.  
Not bad for two different meals one of which we can have on at least two occasions 

Now that’s my idea of a bargain 


  1. Now that is economy. Does Australia grow any of its own rice as a matter of interest? I was surprised to discover Greece grows loads of rice.

    1. I wasn’t sure so I googled it. And yes we do. Lots of it and we export most of it

  2. Very economical cooking and with all that fresh produce full of goodness.
    Our leeks did well last winter. I will plant more next time. I love leeks.

    1. So versatile. I tend to use them in place of onions
      I’ll plant more next year and freeze them they worked perfectly in cooking when I
      Used them straight from the freezer

  3. We had Turkey legs for dinner tonight.
    Coffee is on and stay safe