Thursday, June 23, 2022

I’m here

The week started off well. Went swimming both Monday and Tuesday 
Did at least two hours both mornings and did coffee and shopping on Monday 
Tuesday I had the sudden urge to get home. Usually this means I’m needed 
And I was correct. Come one o’clock there is a call from daycare saying Ana is running a fever 

So daddy goes and gets her from daycare and Ana spends the rest of the day with grandma 
Wednesday I slept in. I obviously needed it and spent the day getting everything done in the house 

Too wet outside and a tad cold lol 

Wednesday night I get the call can I watch ana Thursday. Of course I can 
So she is here today. Currently having a morning sleep 

Tomorrow is here day to be here anyway so I’ll have her again 
She is not a well little girl  so many germs going round and I think we are all more susceptible 
After all the lockdowns of the last few years 

While she’s sleeping I quickly fed the chickens and did a few things outside that needed attending too 
Now I’m back inside, having a coffee 

Hopefully she will be much better by next week 
Either way I’m always here as an emergency caretaker 

Hope your all well and happy 


  1. I feel for the little ones that don't have grandparents to step in. You will need a holiday next week. Much as we love them, they are exhausting!

    1. She’s so good. But I’m getting a tad old to be sitting on the floor playing games or chasing her around the house lol

  2. Poor little thing. Grandma kisses should make it all better.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I love to give grandma kisses. But that’s how grandma gets the germs

  3. I know circumstances determine lots of things but I do wonder if it’s fair on little ones to be put in situations where they keep picking up all that’s going around.
    I can see grandma and Ana sharing the couch tomorrow

    1. It’s amazing. A dose of panadole and she’s as good as gold. But you can tell when it starts to wear off

  4. Perastika to little Ana. Those kids at daycare seem to catch everything. Hope she's happy to be with Grandma. And take care of yourself.
    You're obviously very plugged into her feelings, second sight!

    1. It’s seven am and I’m waiting for them to arrive.
      I do plug into them all. Even Trixie. I can tell if she’s not well and where she hurts
      I guess I’m just too sensitive. She was much better yesterday afternoon so hopefully today she’s almost over it all

  5. Poor wee dot. And take care of you too. You are no use as emergency childcare if you get exhausted and racked with pain.

    1. I’ll be having a few days of just resting
      Ding the bare minimum.
      But grandmas and mums just keep going and going. It’s what we do