Sunday, June 19, 2022

Winter work

The tarps on the coop were holding water. So much water it was in danger of collapse 

Hubby found this length of pipe, we don’t throw out anything. And fed it through. Under the tarp but over the wire 

We now have a peak and the water runs off. 

The old trees that had to come down. They were in danger of falling on the house, have been drying out for a year. 

The ground is really wet. There is hardly any wind 
And it’s not bitterly cold. A perfect day to burn it 

We have water on standby just in case. But seriously it’s pretty much sitting in a bog. 

While it was burning away hubby used the rotary hoe to break up the ground so we could spread it and plant 

Three passion fruit vines will hopefully grow up and along the fence 

And our first fruit tree. I’ve had it in a pot and it’s not progressing. I think it will like being in the ground much better 

I think it’s a peach. Pretty sure anyway. 
I don’t mind. I’ll eat whatever fruit it grows lol 

And here is a pic of the chickens. 
Ya know. Just because 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 


  1. You are getting quite a development together there. When are you going to plant tamarillos? We will come and visit you when they are fruiting.....

    1. I have one in a big pot. I’ve been thinking to taking cuttings
      It won’t grow out there. The frost will kill them. We can get some bad frosty mornings here

  2. I'd love a passionfruit vine. It's one fruit I miss. Tamarillos , feijoas and rhubarb would be nice but I only miss those when I read about a recipe online with one of those fruits

    1. I’ve not grown rhubarb. I might have to give it a go.
      So many recipes have it

  3. Nice looking hens.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. They’re getting big. Hopefully they’ll start laying in spring

  4. Replies
    1. They need to be. They’re a big breed of chicken so are still growing