Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Busy but slow

I’ve started on pruning the roses. 
I know I’m a tad late but circumstances kept me inside 
And even though I felt good this morning, I had a long needed sleep in,
I only got through five rose bushes before I had to stop 

Even with my new toy, a mini chain saw, that works wonderfully on the thicker 
Branches   It’s still hard work. All that bending and trying to get into little areas
Without losing skin or even an eye! 

Hubby helped by removing the branches for me 
I had quite the pile. 
I did do the five worst plants first. 

After feeding the chickens, I even gave them the weeds I pulled in the rose garden 
I started on another paining
I think the hardest thing is waiting for the layers to dry 

I did try doing one layer, trim a rose bush, do another layer 
And that helped 

I’m now inside 
Having a rest 
If I feel good this afternoon I may go out and cut back a few more roses 


  1. My flower beds are a major mess. Once I go part time or retire. I hope to get on them.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Just do what you can. No need to put pressure on yourself

  2. You will have to have several paintings on the go and move from one to the next as the layers dry.

  3. That might be an idea. Once I get a few more techniques under my belt lol
    It was good getting other stuff done in the between times

  4. I was late pruning my roses this year but they loved it and are bushy. Had loads of flowers before the bad heat. I would love to have a mini chain saw. Must look out for one of those. I'd like a little weed whacker too. Must be very satisfying cutting through all those weeds and branches