Sunday, June 26, 2022

Working in the rain

Woke up this morning and it was raining. 
So I decided to feed the chickens under the tarp. No one likes to eat in the rain. 

Yesterday we went off to garden world a huge nursery to get me some fruit trees 
They’re mostly dwarf varieties and two of the the three apples grow in a column
So straight up.  So they don’t need lots of room between them 

We also got some thornless blackberries a couple of blueberries and a couple of raspberries  

I started by placing them around and seeing what I wanted where 

Then hubby started planting I went along and added plant food into holes and scattered 
Around each after they were planted 

We we’re almost done when it really started to come down. 
But we stayed out there till the job was done 

The chickens were not as silly, they knew to get in out of the rain 

So all plants are now safely in the ground 
The whole bed is higher than the ground around it. So hopefully they don’t get bogged 
So now all we can do is wait for spring to see then all come to life 
With a bit of luck 

Back inside 
Showered and going to spend the rest of the day in front of the fire 


  1. I think we might pop over to Gardenworld and see what trees they have. I want some in the front as it is very bare.

    1. There’s no bare root trees they all have signs saying they were just potted.
      So the prices are very high. I guess they’re cashing in as everyone is wanting to plant trees. They do have lots

  2. Are your chickens laying even though it’s winter……they’re almost like second family to you with all the love and care you give them

    1. Not yet. I got them young and as their a large breed they don’t start laying until they’re around seven months old. Which they will be at the start of spring. Perfect timing

  3. The ground looks very boggy. Lucky chooks are ok though in their castle.
    Great selection of vines. Good luck with them

    1. It was boggy but only on the top. When we dug down it was dry
      Hopefully by now it’s filtered down