Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Winter woolies

Today I had ana as she’s still not 100% so she came to play with grandma 
Unfortunately since grandma is the one that makes her eat and go to bed, she decided that 
She didn’t want to stay with me. So grandpa had to come and play with her most of the day 

Grandma was a tad upset, but by the end of the day she wow happily chatting to me and waving as she pushed her walking toy around the place 

Grandma wasn’t perfectly well either.  
But I too am feeling better. 

The weather is COLD  so I’m thinking I need to do some knitting for me 
I’m after a simple knit top down sleeveless vest.  So I can wear it over a long sleeve tshirt 

If anyone has a pattern they think I’d like, I’m a beginner knitter, please send me a link

Hope your all well and warm 


  1. Dear little Ana. She's smart!! Grandpa plays with her so he's the flavour of the moment.
    I wanted to knit or crochet a vest like that last winter. Ended up finishing a couple of blankets instead. If you find a good pattern do show us!!

    1. I’ll definitely do that.
      I’m thinking I might end up crocheting one. I’m really not good at reading knitting patterns

  2. There are some good crochet patterns out there, too. I don't have any knitting ones in mind but am happy to help you if you find one you like. I'll keep a look out.

    1. I might just take you up on that offer. Thank you

  3. Like this maybe:
    Or just browse this if it works:

    1. The links are not working but I can search ravelry and see what I like. Didn’t think of that. Thanks