Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Potatoes and other things

I bought nine of these grow bags. I had to get them from Amazon as there 
We’re no bags at all at bunnings 

All bags have two potatoes each. Once they sprout I’ll cover them with more 
Potting mix and with a bit of luck get lots of spuds to share with my kids 

The last of the pumpkins. These had grown just as I harvested the big ones so I left them 
To see what they would do. 

They have changed colour so maybe they are good to eat. 
I’m sure they are perfect for slowcooker stews 

This is what I got from my sweet potatoes 
I’d already harvested a few big tubers but the vine has now completely died away 
This was what was under it 

Once I’ve cleaned and cut them up 
They can go with the little pumpkins into the slowcooker 

We have had lots of rain. So much rain! 
We now have mushrooms growing on our mulch 

That’s enough for today I’ve been to swim early,
Washed sheets
And fixed my painting. I had put clouds in but I didn’t like them at all 
So I’ve painted over them 

I’m now going to have a little rest before going to meet the knitting girls for lunch 
At the sports club 

I’ll tackle the roses tomorrow 
It’s all about balance these days 


  1. I need to look into grow bags. Never heard of them.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. I’m sure your Amazon will have them.
      Give them a go. You can even grow other veggies in them.

  2. I have the biggest patch of fungi in my rose garden. And heaps growing in the lawn Not even pretty ones. Just ugly slimy looking things!
    When I was a cub scout leader we grew potatoes using old tyres. I need to find some old tyres and give it another go.
    Your lunch sounds very civilised.

    1. It’s been said that it’s not good to grow in tyres as toxins leach into the soil and the potatoes get contaminated. I’d go the grow bags. I was even thinking that the reusable green bags would be ok as they let the water out too

    2. Fair point! Didn't think of the toxins.