Monday, June 6, 2022

Busy few days

Friday I had Ana and she wasn’t her usual bubbly self. 
She is teething again and she was not happy about it. 

She wanted cuddles and soft food because it hurt to chew. 
Trixie was keeping a close eye on her. 

Saturday we went and saw Ursula Carlson the comedian 
She was so very funny. If you get a chance to go see her. Do it 
We continued laughing all the way home 

Sunday we had friends over for lunch. It was a thank you as don was able to go to 
Their farm and gather a big truck load of firewood 

This morning I did swim, had coffee with the girls 
Did a quick shop in Cole’s and now I’m home and that’s where I plan to stay 

The fire is roaring but it’s so cold and miserable I’ve even turned on the ducted heating. 

Cheesy cauliflower and broccoli soup on the stove 
I’m thinking audiobook and crochet for the rest of the day 


  1. I love Ursula Carlson. Do you use the new Coles? It looks pretty swish from the outside.
    It's an indoor day for sure and your soup sounds perfect.

    1. No. We go to duckys on Clyde for coffee after swimming so I just popped into that Cole’s. I’ve been to the new one once. It’s massive

  2. Cuttings teeth is no fun. But time with grand parents is special.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Poor little Ana. At least Grandma was there with lots of cuddles.

  4. Is Coles relayed to the Coles Book Arcade of a century ago? My grandparents gave us some old Coles Book Arcade annuals from a shop in Melbourne (I think it was). Your life is so full and do varied, F is quite envious at times....time for a bit of everything that keeps us whole.